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Heatwave Ready

UK Summer 2022

It's certainly heating up & Summer is almost here. You've carefully curated an epic garden party playlist, bought mixers for those delicious fruity mocktails & the watermelon is 'chillin' nicely in the fridge.

You've just remembered you own 2 garden chairs, which have seen better days. Looks like your garden party guests may be heading indoors!

10% Off Garden Instore

At BF Home we have an extra 10% off outdoor furniture in store to mark the start of the good weather (fingers crossed) with many garden items such as mini firepits, lamps & outdoor rugs also on display. Make your guests even more comfortable with our Komodo sofas made from recycled materials, which can be recycled again & again & again, great for the environment hey!
Lounge on a day bed or have afternoon tea & celebrate the good times with our outdoor dining sets.

How To Stay Safe In the Sun

We've been in touch with The British Skin Foundation, who we must say were super helpful at providing some top advice for keeping you & your family safe in the sun...

Clothing & A Hat

Clothing should always be your first line of defence against damage from the sun.
Cover as much of the skin as is possible, paying special attention to the shoulders which burn easily.
Consider t-shirts and hats even when in the water, especially for children and those who burn easily.
A 'legionnaire' style hat with a wide brim is best, as it will shade the head, face, ears and neck. Baseball caps do not shade the ears or neck, and so are not as effective.

Sunglasses - Cool Dudes Only!

UV radiation can also damage the eyes, and so sunglasses with good quality lenses that filter out the UV are essential. Those with an EU CE Mark are proven to offer safe protection. Styles that wrap around, and so do not allow sun in at the sides are better.

Get Some Shade

Keeping cool in the shade is a good way of protecting yourself from the sun, especially if you are very fair skinned. Just 10 minutes of strong sunshine is all it takes to burn pale skin. Find some shade whenever possible, but especially in the middle of the day, between 11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its strongest. Always keep babies and toddlers in the shade if you can.

SPF 30+ Sunscreen

No sunscreen provides absolute protection, so it should be used with the other lines of defence, and not alone. Generously apply sunscreen with SPF30 or more to all areas of skin exposed to the sun. A waterproof sunscreen is better, even if you are not swimming, as it protects you better if you sweat.

Apply the sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going outside, and at least every 2 hours. If you swim or sweat a lot, use it more often. Remember using a towel or lying back on a fabric sunbed can rub the sunscreen off.

SPF stands for 'Sun Protection Factor' and refers to the level of protection against UVB radiation, linked to skin cancer. Look for a 4 or ideally 5 star UVA rating on the bottle which will help protect from UVA radiation, associated with skin ageing.

Check the expiry date of your sunscreen, as out of date sunscreen will not be as effective and you risk burning. Don't forget to protect your lips - using a SPF30+ lip balm.

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We would like to make clear The British Skin Foundation are by no means endorsing BF Home products and the above infomation was taken from & should be used as a rough guide for adults only. For sun safety advice for parents please visit...

If you would like to know more about the British Skin Foundation or better still, donating then please visit...

Enjoy The Summer!

Thanks for reading our latest blog and make sure you take advantage of our 10% off in-store while our stocks last. We hope you, your family & friends have a wonderful Summer 2022. Stay safe, relax & soak up those outdoor vibes!

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