If you're lucky enough to have a garden, NOW is the time to make the most of your outdoor space.
Having to spend more time indoors than usual, has resulted in an increased interest in nature & the little things that are happening right
in our own backyard.

Italian Style

With this said it's our first forage into garden furniture at Better Furniture. Nardi is an ambassador of original Italian design, making light-weight, recycled & colourful outdoor furniture. We love the concept so much, we're using Nardi's Sipario outside the front of our showroom!

Recycled Garden Furniture

Recyclable Materials

Nardi polypropylene products are 100% recyclable & when returned, they can be used to create more new outdoor furniture products.

Collecting Used Plastic

Nardi products are made from uncontaminated 100% polypropylene. Such products being sun loungers & plastic chairs.

Shredding & Homogenising

Products are shredded, & reduced to small parts. The polypropylene is given a uniform colour, so it can again be recycled.

Moulding Regenerated Plastic

A regenerated product involves a reduction in the use of raw materials & energy, great for the environment.

Nardi Folio

Why We Love Nardi...

It's 100% Recyclable

Polypropylene is pure, and is not contaminated by other materials. Nardi's entire production chain is geared towards sustainability

Low Energy Production

Nardi's factories are partly powered from solar energy with the latest production plant respecting the highest environmental standards.

Great For The Environment

The water used in production is not contaminated.
Nardi do not emit polluting gases or smoke into the atmosphere.

Recycled Garden Furniture