Harrison Spinks Sleep Over

Last week - Our team were lucky enough to spend the night at 'Harrison Spinks' very own farm in Yorkshire, learning exactly what goes into our brand new Somnus beds & mattresses!

The BF Home Team

From getting a great night's sleep testing the mattresses, to seeing the manufacturing process, we can't wait to tell you all about our hand-made mattresses made from natural materials.
The team stayed in funky shepherd huts pictured below & got to meet the beautiful alpacas & sheep.

Alpacas At Harrison Spinks Farm
Harrison Spinks Beds & Mattresses In Norwich
Eco Friendly Mattresses

Handmade & Environmentally Friendly

Just 18 miles from their factory in Leeds is the 300-acre farm where Harrison Spinks breed sheep & even produce the crops that fill the mattresses. It doesn’t get more natural than that!

BF Home Trip To Harrison Spinks
Our Team!
The BF Home Team. Norwich

The Sciencey Part...

Harrison Spinks factory tour was featured on the BBC programme 'Inside The Factory' a few years ago. Our team loved learning about how much effort goes into making a mattress, every one is handmade, free from glue, FR chemicals & foam. The Cortec™ spring system has been developed so each mattress can be recycled, so no more mattress landfill!!!

Harrison Spinks Beds
Somnus beds & Mattresses In Norfolk

Thanks for Reading...

Thanks for reading our latest blog, the team really had a great few days away in Yorkshire & loved sharing their pics with you, until their next adventure... Make sure you try out a luxury mattresses at our BF Home, Barker street, Norwich store.

Harrison Spinks Beds & Mattresses At BF Home